When to Call a Clean-Up Crew for a Hoarder Situation

It is rather important to comprehend first, “who are hoarder is” and “what a hoarder situation may look like’’, before venturing into “when it is appropriate to call a clean-up crew for a hoarder situation”. A good number of people are unfamiliar with the term “Hoarding” as a psychological disorder. So what is hoarding? Hoarding […]

What Does Viricidal Mean and How Do You Clean With It?

Viricidal pertains to chemicals or agents that destroy or render a virus inactive, thereby preventing infection through physical changes to the virus. Lysol and bleach are examples of viricidal agents. Virustatic pertains to the inhibition of cell entry and/or replication, usually by inhibiting binding to cell receptors or interfering with a biological process that is critical to viral replication. […]

Homeowners Insurance Process for Crime Scene Cleanup in Arizona

What is the Homeowners Insurance Process for Crime Scene Cleanup in Arizona? When we receive calls from trauma scene cleanup clients, an important part of the conversation is often discussing the benefits of using homeowner’s insurance for any type of biohazard cleanup in Arizona. As an owner of a certified trauma scene cleanup company who […]

Requirements for Crime Scene Clean-Up

To be innovative, run a business and make money, various individuals have had to indulge in some seemingly less glamorous jobs in other to make a living. However, individuals are increasingly taking the road less traveled, the jobs most people would shy away from taking, and one can say “the diamonds in the rough”, as […]

10 Secrets of Crime Scene Cleaners

  Crime-scene cleaners, occasionally referred to as “aftermath technicians (tech),” deal with catastrophes events daily. They deal with all that is ghoulish, the blood, guts, and filth, making them disappear from the surface. Here’s what to know about their work. 1. Different Jobs Crime scene cleaners are not tied down to only police jobs. These […]

8 Things You Should Look For in a Professional Biohazard Clean-Up Company

8 things You Should look for in a Professional Biohazard Cleanup Company (2021) Finding the right crime scene cleanup company can help ensure that every step of the biohazard cleanup process is completed properly. It can save client’s time, money, and help avoid negative consequences or liabilities often associated with businesses not properly set up […]

How Are Toxic Chemicals Disposed Of?

Laboratory wastes and other common wastes that are harmful to human health and the larger environment, need to be treated and disposed of properly. It is very important, for you to have pre-existing knowledge concerning the perfect ways to dispose of toxic chemicals and also know the different categories of waste that are hazardous to […]