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Hoarder Home Biohazard Cleanup and Extreme Odor Removal in the Phoenix, Arizona Valley

Hoarder Home Hoarder House Cleanup Phoenix Tempe Arizona

Arizona Hoarder Home Cleanup & Hoarded Environment Biohazard Cleanup

Affinity Bio Solutions provides a discreet, professional, and courteous hoarded environment and hoarder home cleanup service throughout Arizona including the Phoenix, Arizona Valley including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Glendale, Peoria, Goodyear, Avondale, Sun City, Surprise, Scottsdale, and Mesa.

Affinity Bio Solutions specializes in taking care of the complete cleaning, disinfecting, remediation process, and restoration of the hoarded home or property so that those living in the home can begin focusing on his or her own recovery from hoarding disorder.

Hoarding Disorder

Hoarding disorder is a wide-spread psychological issue affecting individuals and families of all ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, and ages. While causes can vary with this disorder, its symptoms and effects on the family unit are often similar. Another concern is that many individuals suffering from this disorder often go undiagnosed and can be stigmatized by others.

We focus on the hoarding cleanup while your family can focus on getting help for your loved one with hoarding disorder.

Hoarder House Cleanup 

Extreme house cleaning services can cause difficult situations, based on the individual’s high associated value of items that may not be considered valuable to others, a tactful, considerate response from well-trained and experienced professionals with knowledge of how it affects each person involved with the specific hoarded home situation is necessary.

Hoarder Home & Biohazard Cleanup Services in Arizona

Working With Hoarded Home Relatives and Family 

One of Affinity Bio Solutions’ company owners has considerable experience in working with people who may suffer from hoarding disorder, and while not a licensed counseling professional, has over 180 college credit hours in psychology and counseling related studies. Whether the property requires a simple trash-out, contains filth, biohazard threats or significant clutter or requires a combination of organization, disposal and cleaning, Affinity Bio Solutions is effective at accomplishing the task.

For those who may have family members who are considering a fresh start or may be elderly and need to move into a more appropriate setting, such as assisted living, but may have difficulty paying for the service, Affinity Bio Solutions may be able to help. 

Affinity Bio Solutions has many options available to assist you or your loved ones when considering just starting over. We can offer a fair market analysis of your family’s Arizona home, the work needed to repair the property, and make a cash offer to help offset the cost of relocation.

We provide hoarded environment and hoarder home biohazard clean up and sanitation services in Arizona including:

Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Goodyear, Sun City, Surprise, Avondale, Buckeye, Cave Creek, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, AZ.

Phoenix Valley & Maricopa County Arizona Hoarder Home, Hoarder House & Hoarded Environment Cleanup and Biohazard Cleaning & Removal

Phoenix Hoarder Home Cleanup Hoarded House Cleaning
Phoenix Biohazard Cleanup

Why Choose Affinity Bio Solutions for Hoarded Environment Cleanup in Arizona?

Affinity Bio Solutions AZ, LLC is a Arizona Crime Scene Cleanup Company that offers professional, respectful, and discreet hoarding clean up services to help lessen the effect of traumatic experiences and to begin the process of restoring homes and personal property to its original condition. Part of this process involves our certified technicians evaluating, mitigating, or removing potential hazards using procedures accepted by OSHA, as well as disinfectants or other chemicals that align with EPAs recommendations. In most cases the bioremediation process and the replacement of personal items or restoration of property is covered by homeowner’s insurance and the second part of the process is to work with the client and insurance company to outline what may require replacement, restoration, or services from other professional entities or organizations. See our section on the cleanup process to better understand the work and safety measures that are taken to effectively remediate a potentially biohazardous environment.

Affinity Bio Solutions AZ, LLC is a Certified Veteran Owned Business that is OSHA compliant and certified bio-hazard cleaning, disinfecting and restoration company through the IICRC: Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. 

We also have an A Rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

If you know of a family member or friend that is in need of help with Hoarding Disorder and hoarder home cleanup as well as possible home bio-hazard inspection and evaluation in Arizona please give Affinity Bio Solutions a call: 602-361-1556

Our client and employee safety are always our top priority!

Affinity Bio Solutions Company Values:  Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Privacy, Compassion and Discretion


Affinity Bio Solutions Phoenix, Arizona Hoarded Property Purchase, Hoarder Home Biohazard Cleanup, Construction Remodel and Real Estate Sales

Hoarder Home, Hoarder House Purchase, cleanup, biohazard disposal and remodel in Phoenix Arizona. One of the services Affinity Bio Solutions provides in Arizona for Hoarded Home Environments is our Hoarded Property Purchase Program. We purchase the hoarded property, provide biohazard cleaning and hoarder home cleanup, then we remodel the home and sell it. 

This is a great solution for people suffering from hoarding disorder as they and their families can focus on getting help, and moved into a healthy environment while we take on the biohazard cleanup, remodeling and selling the house at our expense and risk.

Video of Hoarder Home Cleanup, Biohazard Cleaning & Odor Removal in Tempe Arizona Near Phoenix, AZ.

Contact Affinity Bio Solutions of Arizona if you know of a friend, family member or neighbor that may be suffering from hoarding disorder. 

Our priority is getting help for the person with hoarding disorder and helping the family deal with all aspects of the difficult hoarded home situation in Arizona.

Arizona Hoarder House Cleanup

<<<< In this video we are on-site at a hoarder house in Tempe, Arizona near Phoenix talking about the hoarded home situation and biohazard cleanup process. 

Hoarding Disorder is serious psychological issue. Give Affinity Bio Solutions a call if you need help with a family member or loved one living in a hoarder house / hoarder home or hoarded environment in Arizona. We have the experience and contacts to help the family get the help the person with hoarding disorder needs, and the expertise and proper equipment, training and certifications to deal with and hoarded environment and hoarder house situation in Arizona.

Affinity Bio Solutions of Arizona is available 24/7.


In The Video Below Affinity Bio Solution's Glenn Harper Talks About Hoarder Home Cleanup in the Phoenix Arizona Valley
In Addition to Hoarded Environment Help and Hoarder House Cleaning We also Provide Medical Waste and Biohazard Pick-Up and Disposal Service in Arizona
Phoenix Arizona medical waste pickup

Arizona Hoarder Home Cleanup Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Some common characteristics of a hoarded home are excessive clutter and inability to use certain appliances/areas of the home as intended. The home may or may not be affected by gross filth or insect activity, but this is not characteristic of all hoarded homes.

A large volume of items in hoarded homes often constitutes a fire hazard, trip and fall hazard, or other secondary hazards if issues such as water leaks go unnoticed and begin to cause water/mold damage under debris. Dust and other contaminants can also contribute to health problems in some people.

No, hoarding disorder is a recognized mental health problem listed in 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Many people experiencing hoarding related issues have experienced some type of trauma, loss, or other mental health problem at some point and should be treated with dignity and respect.

Many hoarding cleanups begin with the removal of any trash, debris, and unwanted items into 40-yard dumpsters. Some hoarded homes may require some sorting of items as this is carried out and input from the resident may be needed. If the majority of items are to be kept and need organized, the client may consider whether a professional organizer may be more suitable. A hoarded home will then often require some level of cleaning and may require additional services such as pest control, odor remediation, vent cleaning, tile or carpet cleaning, and other repairs.

Just as every hoarded home, hoarder home or hoarded environment situation can be different and the way each person describes them can also be different, there is not a standard rate per square footage or some other calculation that can be made over the phone with any accuracy. Asking hoarding cleanup companies to provide a free in-person estimate is definitely the way to go and avoids the potential for price changes as one would see with rough estimates over the phone. Something to consider when a hoarding remediation company estimates the work is the level of service they are offering. A company offering a simple trash-out of the home will likely be the cheapest, but additional services will be needed once they are done. Some companies like Affinity Bio Solutions AZ will be able to offer services like thermal fogging and air scrubbing if needed for odor removal, while others may not have the equipment.

Yes, Affinity Bio Solutions AZ will help identify strategies that may reduce costs when conducting an estimate. These typically include ways to categorize items to save time during the hoarding remediation process, strategies to help with sorting items, and a basic conversation about whether the resident is ready to begin the process.

Affinity Bio Solutions provides Crime Scene, Trauma Scene, Biohazard, Hoarded Environment or Hoarder Home Cleanup as well as Unattended Death, Blood Borne Pathogen, Bodily Fluid Cleanup  and Water Damage Restoration as well as Medical Waste Pickup and Biohazard Cleaning, Pickup, transportation and disposal throughout the State of Arizona including Maricopa County, Pinal County, Phoenix East Valley, Phoenix West Valley, City of  Phoenix, GlendaleScottsdale, Cave Creek, GoodyearTempeSurpriseSun CityPeoriaMesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Avondale, Litchfield Park, BuckeyeFountain Hills, New River, Waddell, San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, Maricopa, Globe, Prescott, Wickenburg, Flagstaff, Sedona, Payson and Tucson.  

Hoarder Home Cleanup & Extreme Odor Removal in Phoenix, AZ.

Thermofogger Odor Removal with Dry Fogger Counteractant

In the above video we demonstrate the ThermoFogger dry fog counteractant equipment used in extreme odor removal of a hoarded home in Phoienix, Arizona

Hoarder Home Cleanup in Arizona

Affinity Bio Solutions of Arizona provides professional Hoarder Home and Hoarded Environment Biohazard Cleanup services throughout Arizona including the Phoienix Valley.

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