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Welcome to Globe, Arizona

Welcome to Affinity Bio Solutions Globe, Arizona Crime Scene Cleanup, Hoarder House Cleaning, Trauma, Suicide, Odor Remediation, Medical Waste Pick-Up, Transportation and Disposal, water damage and flooding extraction, Abandoned Building & Foreclosure Cleanout, Homeless Encampment Cleanup, Biohazard Disinfection and Biohazard Cleanup Page.  First, a little about Globe, Arizona, in Gila County, AZ., East of Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler and East of Cave Creek, and San Tan Valley, AZ. in the Phoenix East Valley in the state of Arizona. According to the US Census Bureau, the population of Globe, Arizona in 2023 is 7,165.

About Globe, Arizona

Map of Globe Arizona in Pinal County AZ.

Globe, Arizona is a beautiful desert community located about 88 miles East of Phoenix Arizona via US Hwy-60.

Globe is an unincorporated city in Gila County, Arizona.

Globe is East of the beautiful Superstition Mountains and the Superstition Mountains Wilderness Area and Lost Dutchman State Park.

Globe was originally a mining camp they moved the camp to Globe’s current location in 1875 following the discovery of silver in the area. The Gila County offices is located in Globe at 1400 E. Ash Street 
Globe, AZ 85501 . Gila County includes Globe, Payson, Lake Roosevelt, SWtrwaberry, Pine, Fort Apache, Sna Carlos, and Miami, Arizona. The drive from Globe to Showlow along US-60 is a beautiful drive along the Salt River Canyon.

Globe Crime Scene Cleanup

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Contact us for all your Globe crime scene cleanup, hoarder house cleaning, biohazard cleanup, abandoned building & foreclosure cleanout, homeless encampment clean-up, medical waste pickup and disposal, suicide cleanup, and odor remediation or water damage cleanup services. 

Globe Hoarder Home Cleanup

Globe Arizona Hoarder House Cleaning Hoarded Home Cleanup Hoarding Disorder Help

Globe Arizona Hoarder House Cleaning Hoarded Home Cleanup Hoarding Disorder Help Arizona Crime Scene Cleanup Equipment Demo

In this video Affinity Bio Solutions Co-Owner Glenn Harper talks about some equipment that is typically used in every crime scene cleanup, trauma scene cleaning, unattended death, and biohazard cleanup situation in the Phoenix Arizona Valley including Globe, AZ. Glenn demonstrates some of the equipment in the video as he explains the use of biohazard cleanup tools that are used in crime scene cleanup, hoarder house cleaning and biohazard cleanup situations in Globe, AZ. Gila County and the State of Arizona.

Globe, AZ. Biohazard and Trauma Scene Clean-Up

Affinity Bio Solutions AZ offers professional crime scene cleanup, trauma scenes like unattended deaths, blood and bodily fluid cleaning, suicides, biohazard cleanup, hoarder home cleaning, odor remediation and removal, virus disinfection, vehicle accident biohazard cleanup, abandoned building & foreclosure cleanout, homeless encampment clean-up in Globe, and  Gila County 

Globe Arizona Suicide, Unattended Death & Biohazard Cleanup

Medical Waste Pick-Up, Transport and Disposal in Globe

Affinity Bio Solutions of Arizona is licensed and certified for medical waste pick-up, transport and disposal throughout the State of Arizona including Phoenix, AZ. and Globe, Arizona in Gila County. Learn more about our Medical Waste Pickup, Transport and Disposal Services in Arizona.

Globe Arizona Vehicle Accident Biohazard Cleanup

Unfortunately, vehicle accidents can be the scene of horrible injuries and even death. When this occurs the biohazard risk can be high due to the potential for blood and bodily fluid spills as well as chemical spills. After the first responders have cleared the accident, they call in a professional biohazard cleanup company like Affinity Bio Solutions in Arizona to assess, mitigate and clean up any bio-hazard risk in the wrecked vehicles or the at the crash site in Globe, Arizona. 

Globe Trauma Scene Clean-Up

Globe Arizona Crime Scene Cleanup, Biohazard Cleaning, Trauma clean-up, suicide and unattended death, blood and bodily fluids cleaning

Trauma Scenes can include vehicle accidents, homicide scenes, suicides or unattended deaths and biohazardous materials or blood and bodily fluids may be present. Affinity Bio Solutions is experienced, trained and certified for cleaning up biohazard scenes throughout Arizona including Globe, AZ. 

Affinity Bio Solutions of Arizona is an IICRC Certified Firm. The IICRC is The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification which is the premier education provider in the Cleaning, Inspection and Restoration Industries, the IICRC has raised the bar and enhanced the level of competency in industry professionals. 

In addition to proper training and certification for biohazard cleaning for crimes scenes, trauma scenes, hoarder homes and homeless encampments Affinity Bio Solutions is a Veteran Owned Business and a member of the Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce as well as a Certified Member of the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, License # ROC-327014.

Globe Crime Scene cleanup biohazard clean-up hoarder home cleaning unattended death blood bodily fluid bio-hazard cleaner in Globe Arizona

Contact Affinity Bio Solutions of Arizona for all your Globe Arizona and Phoenix East Valley crime scene, trauma scene, biohazard, hoarder home and unattended death cleanup needs in Arizona.

Our education, training, experience, certifications and 5 Star Reviews make Affinity Bio Solutions a top choice for crime scene, trauma scene, biohazard and hoarder home clean-up in the Phoenix Arizona Valley and Globe, AZ. We also provide certified biohazard cleaning services for abandoned building cleanouts and foreclosed home cleanout in Globe, Arizona.

Biohazard Cleanup & Disposal in Globe AZ.

Globe Arizona odor remediation, odor removal, bad odor cleanup, biohazard cleaning

Globe Arizona Crime Scene Cleanup

Get to Know Globe, Arizona

Globe, Arizona is located about 88 miles East of  Phoenix Arizona in Gila County County. 

Globe is considered a great place to work and play not far from Phoenix, Arizona’s East Valley. From Cactus League Spring Training throughout the Phoenix Valley to great golfing, horseback riding, hiking in Lost Dutchman State Park, to one of 13 of nearby Regional Parks. Globe is close to Theodore Roosevelt Lake for boating, fishing. Kayaking and tubing down the Salt River, and riding a side by side through the desert in the adjacent Tonto National Forest. You are never far from adventure in Globe, Arizona.

Globe is a favorite winter getaway for retired visitors or “Snowbirds” from the colder northern states that want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city in the Phoenix Valley. 

Globe offers everything from, golf, hiking, mountain biking, four-wheel off-roading in the desert or relaxing by the pool. Globe offers beautiful trails to walk or hike through the desert,  in the Tonto National Forest, and Superstition Mountain Wildernes. Globe is only a 60 Minute drive to beautiful Payson, or Showlow, Arizona and about 3 Hours drive from beautiful Sedona and Prescott, Arizona and not much farther is Flagstaff, the Northern Arizona gateway to the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley near Page AZ. 

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Arizona and Globe is at the top of the list! 

Affinity Bio Solutions Globe Arizona

Affinity Bio Solutions provides Crime Scene & Trauma Scene Cleanup, Biohazard, Suicide, Blood & Bodily Fluid Cleanup in Globe and throughout Arizona. Affinity Bio Solutions also provides professional Hoarder home cleanup and hoarder house cleaning and help for hoarding disorder victims and families in Globe. 

Affinity Bio Solutions is licensed, bonded and insured and provides professional crime scene cleanup and hoarder home cleaning in Globe, as well as the rest of the Phoenix Valley and Gila County.

Serving Globe, AZ. and the Phoenix Arizona Valley

Affinity Bio Solutions Services in Globe

Globe Arizona Crime Scene, Hoarder Home & Biohazard Cleaning & Disposal

Globe Crime Scene Cleanup

Affinity Bio Solutions is a professional Bio Hazard Cleanup company based out of Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona in the Phoenix Valley Servicing the State of Arizona and Pinal, Gila and Maricopa Counties.  In the course of business of working with crime scenes, trauma scenes, blood & bodily fluids, hoarded environments and hoarder homes as well as unattended deaths and suicide scenes, We deal with traumatic situations on a daily basis. Our number one priority is the safety and well-being of our clients and our employees. 

We take care of the unpleasant details so the family can focus on grieving and moving on.

Most crime scenes, trauma scenes, suicide scenes and biohazard cleanup costs are paid by the insurance company. We are happy to coordinate with your insurance company and take care of the entire cleanup process in Arizona so you don’t have to.

We clean up some of life’s horrible messes, and we always bring a professional level of communication, discretion and empathy to every crime scene cleanup, biohazard cleanup and hoarder house cleaning situation in Globe and the Phoenix Arizona Valley.

Globe Arizona Hoarder House & Hoarded Home Cleaning

Affinity Bio Solutions provides professional hoarder home cleanup, hoarder house biohazard remediation, cleaning and biohazard removal as well as odor remediation and removal, biohazard cleaning and clean-up in Globe, Arizona and the Phoenix Valley.

Globe Hoarder House Cleaning & Hoarder Help

Hoarder Home Biohazard Cleanup in Globe, AZ.

Globe Arizona Medical Waste Pickup, Transport and Disposal Services

Globe, AZ. and Phoenix Valley Abandoned Building Biohazard Cleanup & Foreclosure Cleanout

When commercial buildings are abandoned, or vacant lots and even foreclosed or vacant homes in residential neighborhoods are prime targets for temporary shelter for homeless people and homeless encampments in Globe, and the Phoenix East Valley, AZ. Affinity Bio Solutions is experienced at dealing with cleaning up these properties and disposing of all biohazards left behind, including blood, bodily fluids, feces and sharps and needles from drug usage.

Abandoned and Foreclosed Property Biohazard Cleanup
  • Abandoned Building Biohazard Cleanup
  • Foreclosure Cleanout
  • Homeless Encampment Cleanup
  • Biohazard remediation, Cleanup, Disinfection and Biohazard Disposal
  • Certified Medical Waste, Biohazard Pick-up, Cleanup, Transport and Disposal
Globe Arizona Crime Scene Cleanup Biohazard Cleaning and Disposal

Biohazard Cleanup & Odor Removal

Globe Arizona hoarder home cleanup hoarding disorder help and extreme odor removal and biohazard cleaning

Blood & Bodily Fluid Cleanup in Globe, AZ.

As a licensed and certified biohazard cleanup company in Arizona, we are an experienced, qualified and certified biohazard, blood & bodily fluid, unattended death and dead body decomposition cleanup company. Give Affinity Bio Solutions of Arizona a call if you need crimes scene, trauma scene, hoarder home, biohazard, medical waste or unattended death or suicide cleanup in Globe, Arizona. 602-361-1556

Give Affinity Bio Solutions of Arizona a call if you need crimes scene, trauma scene, hoarder home, biohazard, medical waste or unattended death or suicide cleanup in Globe, Arizona. 602-361-1556

Extreme Odor Removal & Biohazard Cleanup in Globe, Arizona

Globe Arizona Extreme odor removal pet urine and tobacco odor remediation

Globe Odor Removal and Odor Remediation

In many instances with crime scene cleanup, hoarder home cleanup and Biohazard or unattended death cleaning we run into really bad odors or malodors. Affinity Bio Solutions has professional odor removal equipment to make sure your home, office or property is smelling nice and refreshing when we are completed cleaning up. 

Doesn’t have to be a crime or trauma scene, if you have a situation where you’ve had some type of biohazard contamination, rotten food, pet urine, cigar smoke or water damage and mold or mildew with a residual bad odor, we can help you with the malodor and odor removal and odor remediation in Globe, AZ. and the Phoenix Valley in Gila County, Arizona. 

Certified Biohazard Cleaning Company Serving Globe in Gila County, AZ. and the Phoenix Arizona Valley
Globe Arizona biohazard cleanup crime scene trauma scene hoarder home certified biohazard cleaning

Give us a call if you have any questions regarding crime scene cleanup, trauma scene cleanup. biohazard cleanup. hoarder home cleaning, unattended death and body decomposition cleanup or odor remediation in Globe, Arizona, and the Phoenix Valley:  602-361-1556

Affinity Bio Solutions is available 24/7 for emergency biohazard cleanup in Globe, AZ. 602-361-1556

Globe Homeless Encampment Cleanup

In addition to crime scene and trauma scene clean-up, biohazard cleanup, medical waste pick-up and hoarder home clean-up in Globe, and throughout Gila County and the State of Arizona, Affinity Bio Solutions sometimes get contracted by a city, county or even local businesses to clean up a deserted homeless encampment like this one in Phoenix in the Videos Above and Below. These homeless encampments can be dangerous with biohazards, medical waste like sharps, needles, human feces, rats, rodents, insects and other biohazardous materials. Biohazards can be very dangerous which is why Phoenix Valley city municipalities, police, fire and businesses choose a professional biohazard clean-up company like Affinity Bio Solutions in Globe, Arizona.

Homeless Encampment and Abandoned Building Biohazard Cleaning in Globe

Globe AZ Professional Biohazard Cleanup & Disposal
Crime scene trauma scene biohazard cleaning at an abandoned building in Gold Canyon, Arizona

Call Affinity Bio Solutions for your crimes scene clean-up, hoarder house clean-up, biohazard, blood and bodily fluid, trauma scene, suicide scene and medical waste cleaning, pickup and disposal needs in Globe, AZ. in Gila County, Arizona and the Phoenix Valley. Contact Us at 602-361-1556

We Cleanup Pet Odors in Globe Too!