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Affinity Bio Solutions’ team is trained, proficient, and certified in Arizona odor removal and remediation and specializes in tobacco smoke odor, pet odor, decomposition, protein odors, and other general malodors.

The process can be different for each type of odor and its severity, but typically professional odor removal includes removal of the source of the odor, cleaning with a chemical designed specifically for the odor type, and using an air scrubber, thermal fogger, ultra-low volume fogger, or ozone generator to help remove any remnants of bad smell.

In some cases, it is necessary to remove saturated items such as carpet, drywall, or sub flooring, but Affinity Bio Solutions tries to restore the environment through other less invasive means first.

Why Choose Affinity Bio Solutions of Arizona for your Odor Removal and Odor Remediation and Biohazard Cleanup in the Phoenix Arizona Valley?

Affinity Bio Solutions is an Arizona Crime Scene Cleanup, Hoarded Home Cleanup, and Certified Bio-Hazard Cleanup company in the Phoenix, Arizona Valley.  We are based out of Scottsdale, Arizona in North Phoenix and we provide our Odor Removal and Remediation services throughout the State of Arizona including Maricopa County, Pinal County, Phoenix East Valley, Phoenix West Valley, City of  Phoenix, GlendaleScottsdale, Cave Creek, GoodyearTempeSurpriseSun CityPeoriaMesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Avondale, Litchfield Park, BuckeyeFountain Hills, Maricopa, New River, Waddell, GlobeGold Canyon, San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Prescott, Wickenburg, Flagstaff, Sedona, Payson and Tucson.  

We are a biohazard cleanup company that is certified in and has extensive experience in odor remediation and removal of all types. We carry the necessary equipment needed to remedy odor problems encountered in the home and as an independent company and are not limited to any particular brand or variety of chemicals.

We simply select the most adequate chemicals and equipment from trusted brands best suited to your specific odor removal needs and combine this with our experience to gain positive results. Although we can perform complete tear-outs when necessary, we have many solutions on hand that can avoid this and are often a cheaper, less invasive alternative. There simply is no one type of chemical or practice that is efficient at removing all types of odors, and professional odor removal companies that emphasize masking odors usually only provide temporary relief from odor problems. Call Affinity Bio Solutions today and let us help find a permanent solution designed specifically for your Arizona odor removal and remediation needs.

Video Demonstrating our Thermofogger Dry Fog Counteractant for Extreme Odor Removal Situations

This home in Phoenix, AZ. was a hoarder home cleanup situation where the extreme odor needed to be removed after the biohazard cleanup and before renovations on the home could begin.

Phoenix Arizona Hoarder House Cleaning Hoarded Home Cleanup Hoarding Disorder Help

If you have a friend, family member or neighbor suffering from “Hoarding Disorder” in Arizona we can help.

If You Have an Odor Problem in Phoenix Arizona We Have an Odor Removal Solution

Types of Odor Removal

  • Biohazard Odor Remediation and Removal
  • Pet Urine Odor
  • Cigar or Cigarette Smoke Odor
  • House Fire Smoke Odor
  • Unattended Death or Bodily Fluid Odor
  • Hoarder Home Biohazard Odor
  • Garbage, Mold or Mildew or Water Damage Odor

Odor Removal Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Affinity Bio Solutions AZ can remediate odor after a death has occurred, we also specialize in handling many other odor problems such as tobacco odor, pet odor, and protein-based odors from food or other means.

Once the source of the odor is removed by cleaning with specialty enzyme-based products, we typically select from our air scrubbing units which create negative air pressure, ozone generation, vent cleaning, thermal fogging, Hepa vacuuming, or liquid odor counteractants. At times a combination of these processes may be beneficial, as well as sealing any problem areas.

Yes, we have staff certified in odor removal through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

If the source of an odor problem is obvious and the odor is not severe, there could be some situations where a client could save money by performing their own odor removal. This would be done by completely removing the source of the odor, cleaning the area, researching appropriate enzyme cleaners and odor counteractants, then adequately ventilating the area. Masking agents should be avoided as these simply cover up an odor temporarily. Clients may consider the cost of materials, likeliness of success without damage or the odor returning, and the amount of time it will take him or her versus hiring a professional odor removal company.

Porosity is one of the main factors that determines difficulty in odor removal. Porous items tend to hold odors and are often more difficult to clean without damaging them. If a client decides to perform his or her own odor remediation and odors return, look to porous items like fabric, upholstery, and unfinished drywall as potential problem areas first.

Yes, it is wise to call more than one company to learn about pricing. Asking an odor removal professional to visit the home to provide a free estimate is always a good idea to get accurate pricing before work starts. Companies that provide a range or rough estimate will likely change pricing as they discover issues once work begins. It is always a good idea to ask about a company’s odor removal process and the equipment available to them when calling for estimates.

It is not uncommon for odor to be a secondary issue in the home depending on the conditions of the property and when other situations may have occurred. Affinity Bio Solutions AZ also specializes in crime scene cleanup, hoarding cleanup, and abandoned building cleanup, so we are capable of handling almost any odor issue in the home.

Odor Removal & Biohazard Cleaning Service Areas

Affininty Bio Soultions of Arizona provide odor removal, odor remediation and biohazard odor cleaning services throughout Arizona and the Phoenix Valley including:

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In addition to Odor Removal and Remediation services, Affinity Bio Solutions also provides the following services: 
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