Unattended Death / Decomposition

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Arizona Unattended Death Cleanup

Unattended death can be very difficult for family members to discover. Not only do family members or friends have to think about the loved one being alone or missing for some time, but decomposition can lead to serious structural and property damage, insect activity, as well as a putrid odor throughout the home. As bacterial activity increases, so do the potential health risks for those who may enter the property. 

Types of Unattended Death can include accidental death, natural cause death or even suicide. The longer the body goes undiscovered, the more severe the decomposition and bio-hazard risk can be. It is important for your safety to call a biohazard remediation company like Affinity Bio Solutions of Arizona to come asses the biohazard risks before entering the property or attempting to clean up yourself. 
Most homeowners insurance policies cover the expense of the biohazard and unattended death cleanup costs. 

Experience the Affinity Bio Solutions Difference

Proven techniques and equipment are used by Affinity Bio Solutions to remove odor from the environment of any source.  We have the experience, training and certifications to deal with all of your unattended death and biohazard materials cleaning, removal and disposal.

It is understandable that during this time of loss, loved ones may disregard personal safety, and just want to clean up and get the situation behind them but the best course of action is not to enter the home or vehicle and call a trauma scene cleaning professional to evaluate the situation first.

Technicians at Affinity Bio Solutions are able to effectively asses the biohazard danger and risk to help prevent additional emotional trauma often faced by those observing such situations and help outline the appropriate course of action to help restore the home to a livable condition. When homeowner’s insurance is used, technicians will take photo documentation and inventory the scene to ensure appropriate replacement value and validation of any secondary restoration work needed by other professionals.   

Arizona Unattended Death Decomposition Cleanup

Why Choose Us?

Affinity Bio Solutions AZ, LLC is a Arizona Crime Scene Cleanup Company that offers a professional, respectful and discreet service to help lessen the effect of traumatic experiences and from unattended deaths whether by accident, natural causes or suicide and to begin the process of restoring homes and personal property to its original condition. Part of this process involves our certified technicians evaluating, mitigating or removing potential hazards using procedures accepted by OSHA, as well as disinfectants or other chemicals that align with EPAs recommendations. In most cases the bioremediation process and the replacement of personal items or restoration of property is covered by homeowner’s insurance and the second part of the process is to work with the client and insurance company to outline what may require replacement, restoration, or services from other professional entities or organizations. See our section on the cleanup process to better understand the work and safety measures that are taken to effectively remediate a potentially biohazardous environment. 

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