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What is Abandoned Building Cleanup and Foreclosure Cleanout?

As a homeless encampment cleanup and hoarding and hoarder home cleanup and remediation company in Phoenix Arizona, we are also called to perform abandoned building cleanup and foreclosure cleanout services. Allowing a residential or commercial property to sit in poor condition costs money. Taking action and choosing the right company to restore abandoned/foreclosed properties can positively effect resale price or prepare property for reuse quickly.

Recent Abandoned Building / Homeless Encampment Biohazard Cleanup in the Phoenix Arizona Valley
Phoenix Arizona Sun City AZ abandoned building homeless encampment biohazard cleanup

Abandoned Building Cleanup

The commercial spaces we often encounter are usually the result of homeless individuals seeking shelter and finding access to them, which may go unnoticed for some time. Companies will typically notice the severity of the situation when the building is about to be either sold, or put back into use. Once the individuals are removed, the property cleanout services required here will need to address any safety concerns while preparing the building for sale or reuse quickly.

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Some of the possible safety issues present are drug use and paraphernalia such as sharps, human and animal waste, insect and rodent activity, and other potential (often unseen) hazards contained within excessive debris left behind. Another problem often associated with abandoned house cleanup can be remaining odor in the environment. For these reasons, it is important to look for an abandoned building cleanup contractor with the necessary PPE and staff trained to remain safe during the trash out, cleaning, and odor removal processes. It is also important to consider whether the contractor carrying out abandoned property cleanouts has the appropriate licensing to dispose of medical waste and sharps properly.

Once a trash out is completed and sharps and hazardous materials are separated for proper disposal, the cleaning and odor remediation process can begin. This usually involves a Hepa vacuum, surfactants/enzymes/degreaser, an air filtration device, an ozone generator, disinfectant, and thermal fogging or an ultra-low volume fogger with an odor counteractant or disinfectant.

With abandoned property cleanup, it is important the same basic principles of odor removal and disinfection are used as one would expect in other situations such as trauma cleanup. This means the source of the odor must be removed before any odor removal techniques are to be effective. All surfaces, walls, and other areas must be pre-cleaned before applying a disinfectant, and remaining environmental particulates should be addressed using equipment such as an air scrubber. Lacking equipment or training during these processes usually results in an incomplete or ineffective remediation. Simply masking odors or expecting disinfectants and other chemicals to work on heavily soiled surfaces is problematic.

Foreclosure Cleanup

Much of our experience with abandoned building cleanup in Arizona also transfers to foreclosure cleanup. These situations typically involve real estate owned properties that banks or other investors are looking to sell without losing money because of the properties current condition. These properties are also similar to those where eviction cleanout services are needed. In both situations the tenant or former owner facing eviction or foreclosure may have put little effort into leaving the home in appropriate condition.

BioHazard cleanup and removal
Phoenix Arizona Sun City AZ abandoned building homeless encampment biohazard Hoarder Home cleanup

Foreclosed properties in Phoenix Arizona may include homes, commercial buildings and vacant lots that may have been temporarily taken over by homeless communities or squatters. Often when they are removed from the property they leave behind a mess and potential biohazardous substances such as sharps or needles from drug use, chemicals rotten food products and excrement. It is important to have a certified biohazard cleanup company professionally clean and dispose of any potential biohazards that may be present on the property.

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Some of the foreclosure cleanup or eviction cleanout homes may have excessive clutter, odor problems, and other issues that need addressed before the property is ready for sale. With hoarded environments or those where medical sharps and other potentially infectious materials are present, these would need to be removed before contractors would be willing to restore the home if other work needs to be done. Affinity Bio Solutions can resolve such issues quickly using the processes described above to get any home back to livable conditions.


Abandoned building cleanup and other types of property cleanup can add value or reduce losses when property owners are ready to sell or reuse a property. When repair is need in properties, property cleanout services offered by an abandoned building cleanup contractor like Affinity Bio Solutions can help to provide a safer environment for all involved. It is important to select a property cleanup contractor with the experience and necessary equipment to complete any work correctly the first time, while removing any liabilities associate with using one’s own staff.
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Phoenix Arizona Homeless Encampment Cleanup Video

Phoenix Homeless Camp Scheduled to Close in June 2021 - FOX 10 NEWS

Phoenix Arizona Biohazard Cleaning Crime Scene Cleanup Hoarder home and homeless encampment bio-hazard clean-up in AZ

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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions About Abandoned Building Cleanup in Phoenix, Arizona

Abandoned building cleanup can be thought of as the removal of debris, hazardous or infectious materials, and odor to restore a commercial or residential building to usefulness and healthy living or working conditions.

Abandoned building cleanup in Arizona is usually needed after homeless individuals seeking shelter from the heat or other elements gain access to and inhabit a commercial space that is not in use. This often goes unnoticed and gets worse until there is a reason to use the space again or when it needs to be prepared for a sale.

The excessive trash and debris can result in trip and fall hazards, there is often drug paraphernalia, potentially infectious materials, and syringes present. The inside of these buildings is often in a state of disrepair and should be inspected for items that could fall or cause injury. Occasionally there may be other contaminants such as mold, fecal matter, or contaminated building materials as the result of drug use. Odors themselves may not be dangerous, but are likely to indicate hazardous sources and may be difficult to remediate.

Our staff is experienced and certified at identifying and remediating hazardous situations and has the appropriate personal protective equipment to do so. Equipment such as Hepa air scrubbers, ozone generators, industrial thermal fogging units, and Hepa vacuums can be used to help maintain safety while reducing contaminants and odors. We are licensed to transport and dispose of medical sharps and biohazardous waste, and once the building has been emptied of trash an effective strategy can be put in place to return the building to a safe and useful space.

Once an evaluation of the property is carried out, Affinity Bio Solutions AZ staff can provide an accurate timeline of the work needed to prepare the property for use or sale. Our experience in abandoned building cleanup allows us to identify and account for potential issues instead of having to deal with set backs that can affect time to completion. We are able to identify areas situations where other trades may be needed and coordinate with them to complete all necessary quickly.
When a commercial space is to be sold, we understand that time is money and helping to improve the condition of a property before sale can increase the potential sale price as clients are less likely to have to rely on “as is” offers.