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Do Tattoo Shops Need Professional Waste Pickup?

Today, most countries have enforced laws on how to dispose of waste of all kinds. The tattoo shops must also abide by these laws, especially for having sharp and medical waste. Following this regulation properly is needed to remain in business. However, you can’t focus on business and still have time to follow tiresome laws. That’s where the professionals come in.Do Tattoo Shops Need Professional Waste Pickup

The perfect way to follow regulations is to call the profession and remember biohazard waste is by some laws to be disposed of by professionals. Professionals dispose of waste from hospitals, pharmacies, tattoo shops, and other businesses. As you read on, you’ll see why you need a professional waste pick up service for your tattoo shop.

Types of Tattoo Waste

A tattoo shop waste contains more than needles. Other equipment dangerous to health is used to perfect the tattoo and is considered waste. Take a look:


Sharps are objects that can cut or pierce and are used during tattooing. Sharps equipment in tattoo shops includes needles, razors, knives, and broken glasses. These sharps can cause serious accidents in workplaces.

Medical Waste

All tattoo waste is medical waste, according to law. This waste should be treated and disposed of as such rather than in the regular bin. Medical waste includes and goes beyond the items listed below;

  • Tattoo waste
  • Protective equipment
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Liquid wipes
  • Blood wipes
  • Face mask
  • Ornament wipes
  • Ink containers and spill ink

What Containers Do Professionals Use?

Professionals come in with important waste bins that are not available in stores. These bins include;

Orange lidded sharps bins are meant for non-medical sharpness. So waste like tattoos, and piercing needles are held in these containers. The bins are airtight to prevent these objects from being accessible to anyone to prevent injury or damage.

Offensive waste wheelie bins are of sizes ranging from 120L to 1100L to carry waste in sizes.

Why Do Professionals Dispose of Tattoo Waste in a Specific Way?

Generally, the waste contains objects that are detrimental to human health. These objects contain bloodborne pathogens such as hepatitis B, C, bacterial, HIV, etc. Asides from these, waste may contain contaminated equipment due to blood and bodily fluids.

Plus, the risk goes beyond you and the person you’re tattooing. Other customers that come in contact with the trash get contaminated, thus spreading the contamination.

The point is that professionals use equipment that cannot be accidentally exposed to anyone. Regardless of what tattoo waste, location, or size. Professional service work to ensure the process is organized to minimize risks.


Many Google searches are made each week on clean tattoo shops. That’s a sign that hygiene is important to humans. Cleanness is also necessary because of Covid-19 lockdown regulations. Allow professionals to arrange different types of waste in your workplace to ease the disposal method. These waste bins are cheaper and take some weight off your shoulders.

Now you can sit, relax, and focus on business, leaving the task to the professionals. These people are focused on protecting you, your business and their reputation. Their services are superb, and you can forget about getting a violation ticket.