What Does Viricidal Mean and How Do You Clean With It?

Viricidal pertains to chemicals or agents that destroy or render a virus inactive, thereby preventing infection through physical changes to the virus. Lysol and bleach are examples of viricidal agents. Virustatic pertains to the inhibition of cell entry and/or replication, usually by inhibiting binding to cell receptors or interfering with a biological process that is critical to viral replication. […]

How Are Toxic Chemicals Disposed Of?

Laboratory wastes and other common wastes that are harmful to human health and the larger environment, need to be treated and disposed of properly. It is very important, for you to have pre-existing knowledge concerning the perfect ways to dispose of toxic chemicals and also know the different categories of waste that are hazardous to […]

4 Things to Look for in a Bio Clean Up Crew

We all deserve a trusted company filled with professionals that get the work done. At Affinity Bio, our crew specializes in biohazard, crime/trauma scene, and hoarded environment service. After a hazardous incident on your property, you will need to hire a crew that will do a professional job. There is a ton load of clean […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Medical Pick Up Company

The concept of a medical pick up company is one that has gained a lot of prominence in the world today; they are big business on a global scale. It is regarded as a medical courier service responsible for transporting medical items like medical specimens to laboratories for analysis. However, before employing the services of […]