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What Could Happen If You Clean Up Hazardous Material Yourself?

When you try to perform the work of a cleaner by yourself, you will be faced with the types of dangers and hazards of a cleaning worker. According to research in the US, the janitor job is one of the riskiest professions in the States. This work is often faced with slip and fall accidents, contact with chemical splatter to skin or eyes, breathing in of chemical fumes, or other hazardous situations that may occur.

The Effects of Hazardous Substances

According to definition, a hazardous material is any material whether in liquid form, solid or gaseous properties that can cause severe harm to human health. This definition covers many types and classes of hazardous substances such as toxic fumes, dust particles, chemicals (such as cleaning products), and materials that are combined with harmful bacteria. The effect and symptoms of this poisonous substance are wide and act differently depending on the affected individual, the type of hazardous substance and the level of exposure.

The different severities of the effects

Trying to clean a hazardous substance all by yourself can lead to ingestion of the poison which can cause short-term or long-term health conditions. The symptoms depend on the type of condition and can range from mild to severe. The mild symptoms may include slight eye or skin irritation. This can often be experienced by a hairdresser when oil splatter enters the eye or touches the skin and causes a patch of inflamed skin or a baker getting particles of flour in the eyes during mixing.

The more serious effect can result in chronic lung disease and cancer. These symptoms might take a while to be spotted. The same particles in the baker’s eyes can also cause difficulty in breathing if the particles are inhaled for a long time, farmers are also at risk after being exposed to pesticides, these pesticides are known to cause leukemia and other severe forms of cancer.

These hazardous substances can also result in death after extreme exposure to a specific dangerous material. This poison gradually affects the body’s immune system leading to lung infection which eventually results in body shutdown.

The most common effects

Below are a few of the major health issues that can occur to you when exposed to hazardous substances;

  • Dermatitis – often itchy, and inflammation of the skin part that’s come in contact with the hazardous substance.
  • Asthma – often occurs when the immune system tries to form an allergy to a poisonous substance.
  • Losing consciousness – this occurs after extreme inhaling of toxic fumes
  • Cancer – occurs long after being exposed to substances that cause cancer
  • Viral Infection – as a result of bacteria and other microorganisms (biological agents)

The list of diseases caused by hazardous substances are wide and some are yet to be known. These are parts of many things you can suffer from when you try to clean hazardous substances without the help of a pro.

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