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Abandoned properties are a big win for housing investors as the prices of such properties are below the market value. However, the prices might be low but many issues are mostly associated with such properties. When a property is abandoned, the residents are fond of leaving the place untidy with abandoned furniture, trash, or even damage to some areas of the house. Below are easy ways to clean up abandoned property.How to Clean Abandoned Property

1. You might need to request a license and insurance if requested by the bank. Other requested documents include workers’ compensation insurance, liability insurance, and a valid business license.
2. Make sure you take some pictures before and after work to show proof as might be requested by the banks.
3. Make a tour and assess the condition of the home. In most cases, you might come across toxic material, dead animals, or other pollutants. At this point, you need to request a team to decontaminate the area before starting work.
4. Make sure you check the water, plumbing, and electricity to avoid accidents as some homes may have damaged pipes or disconnected wires.
5. You can make minor repairs as requested by the bank or based on your contract.

When cleaning an abandoned property, you’ll expect some unpleasant visitors such as terrible odors from dead animals, cobwebs, and a lot of junk. As a realtor, that might not be your job description but you need to work on it. Below are some tips for cleaning an abandoned property.

1: Get organized
As a home cleaner make sure you come with the necessary tools such as disinfectant, sponges, scrub brushes, tile cleaner, garbage bags, old newspaper, a vacuum cleaner, rubber gloves, etc. you might need to request some help for some certain tasks.
2. Create a good first impression
The external appearance is the first thing observed when buying a home. Buyers observe the lawn, the plant, and the tidiness of the environment.
The external appearance also contributes to determining the worth of a property. Simple upgrades like new paint and doors can improve and increase the selling value.
3. Clean the selling points
Check the floors, most abandoned homes have damaged or stain floors where you might need repairs or a scrub brush to work on. Also, clean the kitchen as it is the center of the home. Start by cleaning the countertops, cabinets, wipe the kitchen appliances, and also the windows. You should also work on the bathroom as they are the next selling point after the kitchen. Clean the walls, floors, toilets and the showers should be working. Use a glass cleaner to clean the windows to make them spotless.
4. Get rid of all the junk
An abandoned home still contains junk left by the previous owners and it’s very tricky getting rid of them. Sometimes, you’ll need to break down heavy items for easy removal.

Removing refrigerators, washing machines, couches, and other big and heavy materials. While doing this, you have to be careful not to damage the home. It is recommended you request help in such cases.

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