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Biohazard cleanup is the disinfection, sanitizing and deodorizing of places where a trauma incident occurred such as injury, accident or death. Such areas often contain blood, human or animal residues, chemical spills etc. You should know that the state is not responsible for cleaning a crime scene. After the necessary investigation is completed, it is the duty of the property owner to call a biohazard cleaning service.

Biohazard Clean-Up - What is It and When Do I Need it


Does Biohazard Clean-up Require Certification?

A certificate is not needed to become a biohazard technician. However, there are basic requirements by OSHA such as wearing proper PPE when working on bloodborne pathogens.

The PPE equipment is designed to prevent hazardous material from infecting the body through the eye, nose, mouth or other areas. The PPE varies from job to job but all include full-face protection, gloves, waterproof overalls and a respirator.

In addition, biohazard remediation training is further required for technicians. This training involves on-the-job safety methods and others in order to help avoid accidents or possible lawsuits.

Types of biohazard cleanup

The level of biohazard cleanup depends on the level of hazardous material and the harm involved. Some, such as mold, require professional help to fully eliminate the infection. If any spores are missed, it could lead to further spread of infection. Some others, such as needles, can easily be disposed of according to the protocols required for doing so.

Professionals also need to clean up unattended deaths and residue of hoarding. This is done by experts because they have common knowledge of dealing with biohazard threats, precautions, and adequate disposal of hazardous materials and local regulation. Homeowners should not dispose of hazardous materials in the trash to avoid legal penalties.

Appropriate equipment will be used by professionals such as PPE to prevent being exposed to infection while cleaning and the property will undergo a safety test after cleaning to ensure all hazardous materials have been eliminated.

A professional crime scene cleanup company will be recommended by the authorities after the necessary investigation has been carried out on the crime scene or trauma scene. Most of this scene involves homicides, accidents, suicides and other traumas. These professions have the appropriate required equipment such as enzyme solutions, hydroxyl generators, deodorizers, UV light etc.

Common biohazard cleanup situations

  • Crime or homicide scenes
  • Suicide or death
  • Blood and bodily fluid residues
  • Hoarding scenes
  • Animal waste or remains
  • Chemical hazards
  • Virus contamination

The final word

The biohazard scene is an unfortunate situation for anyone to handle. However, it is recommended to contact a professional to handle the situation. This expert knows how to thoroughly clean, to remove and dispose of hazardous materials in a licensed facility.

We might see hazardous cleanup as removing homicides or other gruesome scenes, but biohazard cleanup can also be done in homes, offices and workshops to remove potentially hazardous materials. Undertaking a routine deep cleanup and maintenance to uncover potential infestation before professional intervention. You can deep clean by calling a professional housekeeper to take care of this cleaning by checking leaks or condensation, and other animal treats to avoid further infestation.

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