What Does Viricidal Mean and How Do You Clean With It?

Viricidal pertains to chemicals or agents that destroy or render a virus inactive, thereby preventing infection through physical changes to the virus. Lysol and bleach are examples of viricidal agents. Virustatic pertains to the inhibition of cell entry and/or replication, usually by inhibiting binding to cell receptors or interfering with a biological process that is critical to viral replication. […]

4 Things to Look for in a Bio Clean Up Crew

We all deserve a trusted company filled with professionals that get the work done. At Affinity Bio, our crew specializes in biohazard, crime/trauma scene, and hoarded environment service. After a hazardous incident on your property, you will need to hire a crew that will do a professional job. There is a ton load of clean […]

What Does it Cost for Hoarder Home Cleanup in Arizona?

How Much Does Hoarded Home Cleaning or Hoarder House Cleanup Cost in Phoenix Arizona? Hoarded Home Cleanup Hoarder House Cleaning Pricing Clients living in a hoarded home, relatives of people struggling with hoarding disorder, and property managers are often interested in gaining a general idea about hoarded environment cleanup costs. It can be very difficult […]

Odor Remediation Guide

Removing Unwanted Odors from Your Property The task of removing odors from your home or vehicle can become increasingly difficult, time consuming, and a recurring issue for many residents in Arizona. Many people will look at the costs associated with professional odor removal and decide that with the right amount of research and hard work […]