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10 Household Cleaning Uses for Vinegar

10 Household Cleaning Uses for Vinegar

When alcohol is fermented in bacteria, it forms an acetic acid that produces vinegar, it has its spanky tangy flavor because of the presence of acetic acid. This acid is what makes vinegar useful in household cleaning. The ethanol used to make vinegar can come from different sources like Apple cider which is one of the most used ones, rice wine, whiskey, water, etc. Vinegar is made with different base ingredients, acetic acid is found in white vinegar and it makes it one of the best kind when it comes to cleaning the house.

The white vinegar can be harsh on some surfaces and people prefer to make use of apple cider vinegar. The acidity in vinegar makes cleaning of buildups like dried blood and bodily fluids very easy. Here are 10 ways you can use vinegar for your household cleaning.


Vinegar can be used to clean up blood stains if you or a family member cuts themselves or drips a little blood on a carpet or floor. If there is a large amount of blood from an accident or crime, especially from someone or a visitor you don’t know their medical background, it is best to contact a professional biohazard cleaning company in Arizona like Affinity Bio Solutions as they can assess and eliminate any threat of bloodborne pathogens, bacterial or viral infectious disease.

For small blood stains, if you cut yourself or your child gets a scrape, You can put vinegar over an area and let it soak for 5-10 minutes and then damp with a cloth. Household accidents happen to like your child getting a cut and dripping blood all over the place. White vinegar takes off the stain fast. If the blood gets on the carpet and turns brown, you have to mix the vinegar with warm water and blot clean it.


Mix an equal amount of vinegar and water, pour into a spray bottle, it helps against bacteria on places like the doorknob.


Built-up dirt can clog the drain and with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda inside the drain, the grime goes away and also the odor it comes with.



Vinegar kills about 80% of mold species and can be used in rooms in hoarder houses. Cleaning a hoarder’s house goes beyond using just a vinegar as it doesn’t clean up the moister completely. At Affinity Bio Solutions, we have professional equipment to clean a hoarded home environment and eliminate any potential biohazard risks in the home or on the property.

10 Household Cleaning Uses for Vinegar


Pour water mixed with vinegar into a bowl and microwave it for a few minutes. When this is done, you can clean the rest of the microwave with a rag.


Detergent residue can clog your washing devices which might lead to a flood in your house. You can use vinegar when washing so it can break down the detergent. Same with the microwave, place a cup of vinegar in a cup on the top rack and run a hot cycle.


The faucets, shower head, toilet bowl, bathtubs have grits in it due to the contact with hard water and can be gotten rid of when sprayed with vinegar.


After a flood, tiles can get discolored or grout stained. It can be taken out when white vinegar is poured on it and let to soak for about an hour and scrubbed with a brush.


When infectious agents are in an environment, it leaves people at the risk of cross-contamination. White vinegar can be used to kill about 80% of the bacteria due to the alcohol in it. Spraying vinegar can reduce the risk of bacteria causing pathogens from an open wound.

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Spraying vinegar on a surface and wiping with a wet rag is a simple way to wipe off a countertop. But be careful with granite – More: Stop Cleaning These things with Vinegar

Vinegar is good for cleaning different parts of the house but that’s not the safest way to kill bacteria or viruses. You need professional cleaning and disinfecting service too to disinfect like Affinity Bio Solutions of Arizona to clean your home to keep you and your family safe and healthy.