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What To Do If Your House Floods

What To Do If Your House Floods

A flood can be caused by an old repair that has been ignored. It can cause serious damage to the things you have in your home or office which would require restoration. The common causes of a flood can be a broken pipe, clogged rain gutters, faulty appliances like the water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, the weather. A flood can sometimes be inevitable and you need a recovery solution for when it happens. Taking care of a flood can help you reduce and control the after damage.

When a flood happens in your house, the first step is to ensure you’re safe. You will have to find the power source and turn it off because water and electricity don’t go well. You also need to find rubber boots and after you’re sure the power supply in your house is off, you find the source of the flooding. If it’s from a broken pipe or an overflow of the dishwasher, you will have to quickly turn it off or put off the water source of your home.

Flood water from clogged rain gutter can carry contaminants into your home and you have to be careful with what you touch in order not to come in contact with harmful chemicals and residue from the sewage. Another quick step to take when your house is flooded before reaching out for help is to scoop the water outside depending on the kind of flood that has affected your house. It might be from a broken water heater and you will have to use a hose to drain water out. Water extraction after a flood is very necessary for the house because there would be some hidden moisture even the manual damping method can’t help. You will need extensive water extraction to save your furniture from further damage.

What To Do If Your House Floods

The damage caused by a flood leaves more impact on your furniture as it takes about two hours for the water to start weakening the wood. If you are very observant, you will notice that the wood starts to swell after about two hours of sitting in water. A regular towel drying method would help for just a few minutes but a proper water flood extraction using a company like ours would leave your house clean and free from mold and moisture. The flood effect on your furniture would also affect the smell of your house, and can also leave water patches on the wall.

Once you place a call to us, we would not only help you clean up your house, we would also restore your home and restore a livable condition quickly. Also, your entire house would be assessed and proper recommendations would be given to you in order to prevent such hazards happening again. If the damages from a flood are not taken care of properly, it affects the house again, the source of the flood needs to be discovered and fixed and this would be done to your comfort if the house needs to be demolished, our team would handle that. Your safety is important to us and Affinity Bio Solutions.

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