Homeowners Insurance Process for Crime Scene Cleanup in Arizona

What is the Homeowners Insurance Process for Crime Scene Cleanup in Arizona? When we receive calls from trauma scene cleanup clients, an important part of the conversation is often discussing the benefits of using homeowner’s insurance for any type of biohazard cleanup in Arizona. As an owner of a certified trauma scene cleanup company who […]

8 Things You Should Look For in a Professional Biohazard Clean-Up Company

8 things You Should look for in a Professional Biohazard Cleanup Company (2021) Finding the right crime scene cleanup company can help ensure that every step of the biohazard cleanup process is completed properly. It can save client’s time, money, and help avoid negative consequences or liabilities often associated with businesses not properly set up […]

4 Things to Look for in a Bio Clean Up Crew

We all deserve a trusted company filled with professionals that get the work done. At Affinity Bio, our crew specializes in biohazard, crime/trauma scene, and hoarded environment service. After a hazardous incident on your property, you will need to hire a crew that will do a professional job. There is a ton load of clean […]

What Does it Cost for Hoarder Home Cleanup in Arizona?

How Much Does Hoarded Home Cleaning or Hoarder House Cleanup Cost in Phoenix Arizona? Hoarded Home Cleanup Hoarder House Cleaning Pricing Clients living in a hoarded home, relatives of people struggling with hoarding disorder, and property managers are often interested in gaining a general idea about hoarded environment cleanup costs. It can be very difficult […]

Benefits of Using a Professional Crime Scene Clean-Up Company

Benefits of Using a Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Company Arizona Crime Scene Cleanup When a family experiences a traumatic event or loss, those involved should not have to worry about taking care of the property and its contents while grieving and trying to attend to the family’s needs. Many people are simply unaware that companies […]

How To Save Money on Arizona Hoarder House Cleanup Costs

Arizona Hoarder House Cleanup Arizona families experiencing issues related to hoarding disorder and hoarder house cleanup in Arizona often find it difficult to reach out for help from family members, friends, or other community resources because of the stigma associated with hoarding behaviors and some of the stereotypical belief’s others may have. Many people simply […]

Precautions When Entering a Trauma Scene

Arizona Crime / Trauma Scene Precautions It is important to consider safety precautions when entering an Arizona trauma scene, crime scene cleanup, unattended death scene or suicide scene. Whenever possible, it is best to avoid entry altogether, and to wait for a trauma scene cleaners or other qualified professionals to arrive and assess any potential […]