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Most homes are susceptible to different odors depending on how they live, you may or may not perceive the odor of little dampness from the rug in the living room, bathroom or even kitchen or odors from soaked couch cushions as a result of roof leakage or pet leaving stains and odor. A quick clean can eliminate those smells but then some odors are downright foul and even dangerous to human health (THEY CAN LEAD TO RESPIRATORY ILLNESS OR CHRONIC COUGHING).

These odors such as smoke, water mildew, flood-related odor, pet smells can be eliminated by Professional odor removal.

There are different situations that lead to the manifestation of foul odors some of which include mold infestation, fire damage, pipe leakage, roof leakage and even flood.

After a fire outbreak smoke odors can linger for weeks which is harmful to your respiratory system. The fire might not be the only cause of smoke odors in the house, smoke odors can also be pertinent in a home where use of tobacco is regular.

Water mildew however is caused by humidity and moisture, mildew can grow on any organic matter (wood, wall, wallpaper). Water mildew not only leaves behind an undesirable odor it can also grow through the material and cause decay if left untreated. Mildew thrives in damp areas where there might be pipe leakage or roof leakage.

It is not uncommon for pet owners to notice foul odors inside their homes. Whether it is from lingering pet odors and stains or from pet soaking the furniture and carpets with feces or running through areas that are out of bounds.

However, it is possible to eliminate foul odors from your homes, furniture, and clothing with professional odor removal. The sooner you get a professional odor removal specialist the better, when you identify a bad smell that you know is beyond your capacities like smoke, water mildew, or any other smell you can’t identify call for the intervention of the professional before the odor has a chance to settle in.

Your home might need more than a basic cleaning for professional odor removal, these are specialized work that can include the removal of furniture, carpets and flooring, this can also include dismantling some parts of the wall and even get up to the ceiling, most of the odors left behind by pets can be removed by removing the ruined carpeting and furniture to deodorize the house.

Flood can do significant damage to the house and leave a very bad smell behind. It is important to bring in professionals for odor removal right away, if this not done on time you might have problems like rot, mold and strong odors that can be very difficult get rid of.

Likewise fire and smoke damage requires immediate professional intervention. Whether a house has been partially damaged in a fire or you’re cleaning up after a regular smoker this odor can linger if proper cleaning is not performed. This process might include stripping and replacing smoke damaged carpets and other furniture. A thorough cleaning is required to get a smoke out.

So basically one needs professional odor removal when you notice an odor in your home that you realize is beyond your capacity and want to get rid of it immediately to prevent further property damage and eliminate health risks.

At  Affinity Bio our team offers expert odor removal. We do a thorough job and properly get rid of the biohazard materials. Trust us with your cleanup jobs, call us today.

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