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How To Get Tobacco Smell Out Of A House

How To Get Tobacco Smell Out Of A House

Cigarettes have a terrible smell that can be perceived from a distance. The smell is so apparent it can take time to get rid of it. Your home equipment surfaces can be penetrated by the smell’s tiny particles making it impossible to get rid of. However, some professionals are trained in possible ways to eliminate cigarette smell.

Whether you smoke in the room or bathroom, the smell of cigarettes can penetrate areas beyond your expectations. The primary ingredient of cigarettes that contributes to the smell is nicotine. The smell is unpleasant and does not speak well of you, your guest, and probably your neighbors if you’ve some. When you light a cigarette, the smell rapidly spreads, and it’s dangerous health-wise to kids, elders and some who are allergic. As a home seller or buyer, eliminating the smell from your property will increase the welcomeness of the home.

Some people use the home myth remedies, which are; to spray the room with fresheners or burning incense or scent candles. The solution works, but only for a short while; entering the home, you can perceive the odor. You can leave the windows open, but that is just temporary. The source has to be eliminated for the odor to leave home, and that’s where the professionals come in. Here is how the professional permanently removes cigarette smell from properties.

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Why You Need Professional Handling

You can perceive the odor of cigarettes all over surfaces it touches, and getting rid of it is challenging. There are no easy tricks to eliminate the smell from your home magically. The cleaning must be in and out to whisk these residues and smells away. As aforementioned, scents and air fresheners are just a temporary solution. Some people go the extra mile to cover the room with new paint. Repainting without eliminating the smell won’t stop the odor from returning in the future. As time passes, the residue melts and licks through the paint, which will definitely spread over the room.

The problem has a solution but requires the attention of professionals to clean and seal all affected areas. Property restoration professionals eliminate the smell by polishing the surfaces with deodorizing agents. These chemicals are eco-friendly and meant to remove these tiny residues from the smell.

The team starts with the cleaning phase. Using chemicals created to remove tobacco smell residues from visible surfaces. The joints, cracks, and inside the walls are usually the hardest part of the room to get to. The team comes with hydroxyl or ozone generators to spray into those areas to vanish the smell residues.

The cleaning team moves to step two, sealing every surface with a sealant. The sealing is to remove the remaining residue on each surface. The chemicals on the sealant can melt the stains and odors. Now, you can have your contractor do the repainting.

We forgot something; the soft part of the home.

That part includes your bedding, clothes, upholstery, and draperies. These items are affected by the smell. Because of their porous nature, it is difficult to get rid of these tobacco residues, but professionals can easily do so. However, the alternative way out is to replace these materials.

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