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Arizona Biohazard Cleanup and Mobile Homes

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When a death or accident occurs in a mobile home or manufactured home, the blood cleanup or trauma scene cleanup process can differ to those normally seen in traditional single-family homes. Homeowners insurance may cover trauma cleanup in manufactured homes differently and the way manufactured homes are constructed can affect decontamination practices. For family members to avoid unnecessary costs or expenses to restore the property, a crime scene cleanup company that has specific experience working with insurance companies to perform biohazard cleanup services in manufactured homes is the best option.

Homeowner’s Insurance and Manufactured Homes:

As mentioned above, biohazard cleanup in Arizona is typically covered by homeowners’ insurance for policy holders and his or her family. 

Arizona Mobile Home Biohazard Cleanup

Blood cleanup after an accident resulting in the need for emergency medical attention can also be covered in many instances. Some key differences between manufactured/mobile homes and other properties though are often the type of insurance coverage. Trauma cleanup services in Arizona involving a mobile home that is not a primary residence and can be towed behind a vehicle or driven, the insurance policies are similar to automobile insurance. Manufactured homes serving as a primary residence, may be stationary, and often have some sort of foundation, would have insurance similar to that of a typical home.
When it comes to insurance coverage for biohazard cleanup in manufactured homes or mobile homes, it is advisable the client work with an experienced trauma scene cleanup company. When Affinity Bio Solutions AZ encounters scenes involving biohazard cleanup in manufactured homes, we offer our experience to help understand coverages and to gain approval from insurance carriers. As part of this process, we may call the insurance company for the client to help with filing a claim and finding out important information like coverage limitations. As some homeowner’s insurance policies for manufactured homes may have lower policy limits than traditional homes, we believe it is important to take a patient and deliberate stance before any work is carried out.
This benefits the client in the way that he or she is reassured there will be no additional costs to them, which can sometimes happen with companies who begin work as soon as the service contract is signed. One potential downside to this type of practice is also that once a limit is reached and work has been carried out, there may not be sufficient funds allotted for the replacement of affected structural items. The client may then be left to pay for the repairs necessary to restore the home to livable conditions. Affinity Bio Solutions AZ strongly believes in doing what is best for the client and finds that waiting until all relevant information is available and adjusting one’s process is a more acceptable practice.

Structural Considerations:

When performing a biohazard cleanup or unattended death cleanup in a manufactured home, it is also important to consider how the structure was made. In standard single-family homes, unless the death or accident occurred in an open area such as a living room, the affected area may be more contained. This is often due to the way buildings are framed and the materials used, such as thicker base boards and drywall, as well as the way the ventilation system is laid out.
In manufactured homes it is often quite common for some flooring or underlayment to be laid across multiple rooms before the walls are constructed. An Arizona crime scene cleanup company that is familiar with this type of construction will know this creates an opportunity for blood and other contaminants to travel between rooms. Thinner walls, framing, and baseboards also add to this problem as contaminants penetrate and soak through, rather than being absorbed and trapped. 

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The same can apply with closets and underneath other built in furniture such as bath tubs or shower trays.
AC ducting and vents are often on and below the floor in manufactured homes, which creates another potential problem for less experienced trauma cleanup companies. In single family homes with vents and ducting in the celling or attic, the main issues after an unattended death are odor or marks from insect activity. In manufactured homes however, blood and bodily fluids may run into the ventilation system. The system must be inspected from the crawl space if possible and areas for replacement or decontamination identified. Failing to do this properly can result in eventual malodor problems and contamination coming from either the crawlspace or ventilation system itself.


When biohazard cleanup services are necessary in a manufactured home it is important to find an experienced trauma scene cleanup company. It may be possible that blood cleanup and trauma cleanup services are covered by homeowners’ insurance, but client’s and contractors should be careful in understanding any policy limits as coverage may be different from that of a traditional style home. Inquiring about a company’s specific experience related to biohazard cleanup in manufactured homes can help clients avoid any issues with the cleanup process.

Phoenix Arizona Mobile Home Biohazard Cleanup
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