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Requirements for Crime Scene Clean-Up

To be innovative, run a business and make money, various individuals have had to indulge in some seemingly less glamorous jobs in other to make a living. However, individuals are increasingly taking the road less traveled, the jobs most people would shy away from taking, and one can say “the diamonds in the rough”, as regards jobs that would involve one getting his or her hand dirty.Requirements for Crime Scene Clean-Up

Gone are those days when individuals sit at home looking for white-collar jobs. With the continuous rise in the rate of poverty all over the globe, people are increasingly discovering more ways to provide services and still earn a good living.

In the past, when a relative/loved one dies or is gruesomely murdered at home, they plague family members with the job of cleaning up blood stains, human tissue, and other body fluids. This experience can be both emotionally draining, and psychologically traumatizing, as not everybody can stomach the unpleasant sight that death creates. Seeing an opportunity in death and having a strong stomach to withstand the sight of blood, a very messy environment, and especially mutilated bodies, a whole new opportunity opened up for certain individuals like the “Crime Scene Cleaners”.

A crime scene cleaner is a person who is involved in removing and cleaning human remains, blood, urine, vomit, unpleasant smell, etc, in an office, a home, hotel, or other places that death might have occurred. Most jobs come with various requirements, ranging from a degree certificate to others, years of experience and training, and sometimes professional courses.

As an intending crime scene cleaner, a trauma scene decontaminator, or bio-recovery personnel having a degree or professional certification would most likely not be needed for one to get a job in this department. Listed below are the requirements for any individual aspiring to take up a job as a crime scene cleaner.

Training: It is obvious without saying that any individual willing to take up this kind of job would undergo weeks of training. This may not entirely prepare an individual for the experience, as nothing can be compared to seeing a dead body, a decomposing human remain, or a mutilated body. However, the training provides the cleaner with what to expect on the job and how to use certain equipment while working.

Strong stomach: Being able to experience horrific scenes, see blood and perceive terrible smells from a decomposing corpse without passing out, should be considered as an added advantage when applying for the position of a crime scene cleaner.

Integrity: Often, homeowners would entrust their homes into the care of crime scene cleaners, having integrity comes in handy in a situation like this.

Attention to detail: A crime scene cleaner should be one who is very attentive to details, as this would help him/her perform optimally.

Just like in any other profession, cleaning professionals are expected to wear specific attire before stepping into a crime scene. This is to mitigate against infections, as some crime scenes may contain biohazards and other harmful substances. Some of these protective gears are; plastic shoe covers, protective aprons, face shield, also protective eyewear, solvents for cleaning, a saw in extreme cases and disinfectants.

Proper disposal after each cleanup is also as essential as the cleanup itself.

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