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What to Know About the Aftermath of Trauma Clean Up
What to Know About the Aftermath of Trauma Clean Up

Trauma Clean Up

A traumatic incident is shocking and unexpected. The damage caused by this incident has a negative effect on the property, belongings, and the individuals involved. It might be shocking to know that the clean up and after-clean up effects lie with the people close to them. After the incident has died down, the victim is now faced with the post-traumatic clean up effect. Here are some things you should know about the aftermath of a traumatic event clean up:

Give yourself time

It will take a lot of time to properly heal after a traumatic clean up. It might take a while before you can start using your property again. Especially when you lose a loved one, you can be faced with grieving even after the clean-up service.

Talk about the event

After a traumatic clean up, you might want to avoid things that were affected during the event or talk about the cleanup process. However, talking about the process will help you be more resilient. Avoiding your property will only make you feel worse.

Speak to others that have experienced the same thing as you

It might help you to speak to people who have experienced the same traumatic clean up. Bear in mind that people react to situations in different ways. Try not to compare your own cleanup process with someone else’s. This might make you feel even worse.

Ask for support

After a traumatic clean up, it is advisable to seek help from friends, family, or other people you trust. This will help you cope with the traumatic event. These people might help you by offering emotional support or doing practical tasks with you.

Avoid spending lots of time alone

After a traumatic clean up, it is nice to be around other people. Being around people will help you overcome the poor mental health associated with traumatic events. You can move in with family, or spend more time with people you trust, or keep in contact with your friends over the phone or through video calls.

Stick to your routine

It is advisable that you return to your usual routine that you followed before the incident. This might feel overwhelming, but it’s necessary. After the clean up, you might experience some changes in your activities, such as eating habits and poor sleep. Try to eat well, sleep well, and exercise regularly.

Take care

Accidents are likely to occur after a traumatic event is cleaned up. Be careful when walking around the home. Avoid the use of alcohol or illegal drugs after a traumatic event cleans up. These substances can only make you feel better for a short time, and they are not the right way to cope. These substances will only create a temporary recovery.


After a traumatic event clean up, it is best to stay away from home for a while to let the clean up take effect. You can also verify if the clean-up team did thorough work by hiring a technical team to search for residues.

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