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What is Virucidal Disinfectant

What is the process of virucidal disinfection?What is Virucidal Disinfectant

In understanding Virucidal Disinfection one must first take into cognizant what the word “virucide” denotes. It would interest you to know that Virucide is a chemical agent that has the ability to destroy viruses.

Therefore, what is virucidal disinfection? This is the use of virucidal disinfectants to proliferate a virus against having any infectivity. This process simply involves the adequate use of a disinfectant that acts nonspecifically on a virus in other to erode its viral activity. Hence, through the use of virucidal disinfection, the prevention of infections can be enhanced.

Why do we use virucidal disinfectants?

Before we jump into why do we make use of virucidal disinfectants, it should be made known that healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) have directly led to more deaths globally car accidents or even breast cancer. This data is from the center for disease control and prevention. This discovery puts on the map the very reason virucudal disinfectants are pertinent, to be used not just in hospitals but anywhere human habitation exists.

As stipulated by, Healthcare-associated infections usually become viral more than 48-72 hours after contact with a patient, or even up to ten days after the patient has been discharged from the hospital, nursing homes, community clinics, hospitals, centers handling outpatient surgery, dialysis and rehabilitation, etc., tend to serve as a forte for viruses to thrive. This is safe from our homes, offices, schools, religious centers, stores, etc. In view of these, virucidal disinfectants are a daily necessity to the smooth running of our daily activities.

Features & Benefits

In the quest to reduce viral infections and healthcare-associated infections, virucidal disinfectants have been made in the form of liquids, sprays, wipes, etc., to aid or better still combat the spread of viruses. Below are some of the benefits associated with virucidal disinfection.

  • A wide range of pathogens can easily be targeted by using a single product
  • It is able to kill both animal and human viruses
  • It is multipurpose as it can be used in various situations

It should be made known that virucide disinfection should by no means be used to clean either your dishware in your home or even your utensils. It is a sensible disinfectant thus it should only be used for the right purpose.  So, what then are some of the recommended areas to use?

Areas where virucidal disinfectant can be used

There are lots of places where virucidal disinfectants can be used. However,  the following are some popular areas where its use is predominantly high.

  • Hospitals
  • Industrial institutions
  • Bars/restaurants
  • Funeral homes
  • Animal laboratories
  • Tanning facilities
  • Correctional institutions


While it has various use, it is important to follow the deodorizing instructions as well as knowing how best to use the virucide. It is one disinfectant that provides value for money spent. So, having explained why do we use it, some of its features and areas where it can be used, it can now be assumed that you are fully updated on everything pertaining to virucidal disinfection.

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