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How Do Crime Scene Cleaners Clean Up the Ground?

How Do Crime Scene Cleaners Clean Up the Ground

Blood is difficult to come off any material it comes in contact with, especially fabrics, porous materials, and others. A further challenge is after cleaning the scene. The fact that no blood is visible on the scene doesn’t mean there is no trace of blood left. Cleaning alone is not enough to get rid of the bloodstain. These blood pathogens are considered dangerous as they may contain contaminants such as HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis, and many other chronic diseases. That’s why this procedure is allowed to be carried out by professionals in the cleaning field. Here is how a crime scene cleanser blots out blood from the ground, trees, or any affected material on the scene.

Bloodborne Pathogen Cleanup Supplies Checklist

Cleaning of blood will require the crime scene cleaner to dress in some specific equipment to prevent being infected during the process. Here is some recommended bloodborne pathogen cleanup kit.

Disposable gloves

Absorbent materials (e.g., kitty litter, sand, etc.)

Disinfecting towelettes

Biohazard bag with a zip tie


Protective cap

Eye protection

Protective gown


Below is how crime scene cleaners get rid of blood from the ground.


To securely get rid of blood from a carpet requires time. Use a dry cloth or paper towel on fresh blood before the blood gets into the carpet through the porous holes. Booting the blood will prevent it from getting into the carpet fibers. The cleaners use a steel brush to lightly brush the carpet to loosen up any dried blood particles in the next step. They use professional clean detergent to blot the blood after several attempts until the stain is removed. These cleaning chemicals are in different concentration levels, which means another chemical will be used for the same purpose if the presently used one isn’t giving a satisfactory result.


As usual, the cleanser starts by wiping the stain gently with a sponge and cool water. Fresh blood is quickly blotted out compared to dry blood that has gotten into the grout. After trying to blot with a sponge, the cleaner then uses a brush dipped in the required cleaning chemical like baking soda before brushing the place. The brushing is done gently to not affect the grout’s natural appearance. Once the scene is clean, the cleaner uses water to rinse the stained area thoroughly and then allows it to dry. Hydrogen peroxide is the home remedy for removing blood stains from grout.

Wood Floors

Wood is known to absorb fluids easily. The cleaners attempt to immediately clean the blood off wooden floors before any other place because of their highly porous nature. They use a paper towel or dry cloth, spray some chemicals on the stain and blot the blood off the floor. The place is later sprinkled with another higher concentration chemical which is allowed to stay for some minutes before using a brush to wax the place.

Expert crime scene cleaners also use alternative methods to wash the blood off other materials such as trees, ceilings, cushions, etc. All materials follow the same procedure but may involve different chemicals as some chemicals may be corrosive to some materials.

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